Choose A Denver IT Services Firm For Project Management

Under any circumstances, managing a complex technology project is a stressful proposition. Outsourcing of the project can either add to or ease that stress, depending on who you partner with. Denver IT Services firms have experienced experts with technical competence to manage projects of all kinds

While outsourcing allows you to share the workload, you still have some work to do to ensure all involved work as a cohesive unit.

Suggestions For Successful Project Management With Denver IT Services Firms
● Share your business objectives – not just those for the project. This helps the outsourced party to work in tandem with your philosophy, so you get the most out of the project.
● Eliminate misunderstandings and wasted efforts by detailing and communicating your expectations for every stage of the project, as well as the end result.
● Make advance arrangements for regular meetings to keep you updated on the project’s progress.
● Respect time zone differences and schedule meetings at mutually convenient times Remember, a convenient early afternoon meeting for you may be happening at midnight for your outsourced project management team.
Denver IT Services firms strongly recommend that you keep in-house and outsourced team members all on the same page by having everyone work off the same file or files. This can safeguard against unintentional overwrites, duplication of effort and significant additional expense.

Outsourcing for project management can be a rewarding and stress free process. It is important, though to bear in mind that much of the project’s success still depends on you. It will only live up to your expectations if keep the lines of communication open and clear.

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Denver IT Services and Variations in the Cloud

Whatever tech challenges your business is facing – be it mobility, security or social networking – there is a solution custom made for you. Customization also applies to how your company makes use of cloud computing to speed up and streamline processes. Denver IT Services can analyze your company’s objectives and IT needs, then select and implement the cloud solution that will best grow your business.

Cloud Variations Supported By Denver IT Services

The Public Cloud
The public cloud is owned and operated by a third party. It offers companies and individuals the use of applications, hardware, interfaces, networking, services and storage. Volume, speed and efficiency are the direct advantages to be gained from accessing the public cloud.

The Private Cloud
A private cloud, on the other hand, is operated specifically for use by its customers, employees and associates. It offers the security that the public cloud lacks, keeping information behind a firewall of protection. A private cloud tends to be highly automated and focused on keeping processes predictable and manageable.

The Hybrid Cloud
A hybrid cloud exists when there are touch points between private and public cloud environments. The hybrid seeks to create value from combined use of private and public cloud characteristics. In doing so, the company can benefit from a more integrated, automated, and better managed IT environment.

There are intelligent IT solutions and services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Denver IT Services can create a cloud computing model that works perfectly for your company.

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IT Optimization With Computer Support Services (Denver)

Computer support services cover a broad range of expertise that offers IT support to businesses of all types and sizes. Computer Support Services (Denver) include processes needed to run your business faster and easier:

  • business process automation
  • customer relationship management
  • data backup and recovery
  • distribution tracking
  • enterprise resource planning
  • mobile and desktop applications
  • network planning and installation
  • warehouse inventory management
  • wireless infrastructures

Practical Aspects of Computer Support Services (Denver)

  1. Optimization – Your old systems function like new, eliminating the need to spend on replacements. System tweaks speed up your computer reducing start-up and shutdown time. Applications run better after removal of junk files, defragmenting of the hard disk fixing Registry errors.
  2. Diagnosis and repair – Computer Support Services (Denver) can provide a complete health check for your computer and all connected devices plus offer expert advice on the best practices to improve and support your systems.
  3. Threat analysis – Your company’s IT security infrastructure can be optimized to tackle online threats, viruses and hackers.
  4. Update software and drivers – IT technicians source and download the latest versions of applications and drivers to ensure optimum performance. They handle setup and installation, taking the hassle and frustration out of the process.


Whether it’s simply a server and regular backups for your startup company or a complete IT overhaul for your much larger enterprise – they can supply, install and support your system. Top-of-the-line Computer Support Services (Denver) give you the full spectrum of computer related services.

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The Pitfalls of Outsourcing – Avoid Them with IT Services (Denver)

Outsourcing allows you to access top quality goods and expert services at a fraction of the cost of providing them in-house. Outsourcing does, however, have some inherent pitfalls. A qualified and experienced IT Services Denver based company can help your organization avoid potential drawbacks associated with outsourcing for IT.

Outsourcing Disadvantages and IT Services (Denver) Advantages

● Direct oversight and quality control are out of your hands. There may be misinterpretation of the company’s vision and work ethic by the vendor.
One of the first steps in IT consulting is getting to know your company’s objectives. IT consultants work closely with your team members to ensure that they have a clear take on where your company is now and where you want to take it.

● Hiring an outside company puts proprietary information at greater risk.
Confidentiality is a cornerstone of any reputable IT services company. Protecting your data from hackers, competitors and just about everyone is what they are all about.

● Dissolving an agreement with a poor vendor may be costly in terms of time and money.
Trustworthy IT Services Denver based firms come highly recommended by their clients and by other professionals in the IT industry. They go the extra mile to give you the services and support you need.

The impact of outsourcing is far-reaching, but any negative aspects can be curtailed by hiring a company that adheres to the highest standards of professional development and professional conduct.


WCCP on Barracuda Web Filter — IT Consulting Denver

Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) was developed by Cisco for content routing.  One popular use of this is to redirect traffic on a Cisco perimeter device to a web filter such as Barracuda Web Filter 610.  Support will tell you that they always recommend the Barracuda be installed inline.  There are multiple reasons for this but here are a few: blocking https, full spyware blocking and application blocking.  Most websites are moving to https or will redirect a lot of their traffic to https.  https packets are hard to block as they are not seen because of encryption.  Barracuda will block these packets based on IP addresses since they cant see the URL request in the packet.  When the Barracuda is inline it can monitor the source and destination IP.  While they cant look inside the packet, unless ssl decryption is used, to look at the URL they use their research to block https sites.

While Barracuda will always recommend running their device inline we would like to bring some other ideas into the picture.  Running inline causes some issues at times when you deal with highly redundant networks.  NOYNIM IT Consulting Denver has multiple clients running complicated networks that have dual internet paths and multiple firewalls.  When you run the Barracuda inline you can only cover one connection.  In a firewall failover state all traffic will be lost and the network is left vulnerable.

WCCP offers a great solution for this but there are issues.  Https packets are not blocked 100% and there is still spyware that gets past the Barracuda.  There has to be some enhancements that offer highly redundant networks a way to fully monitor and filter traffic.  One popular way is to use web filters in proxy mode, whether its transparent or not.

While there are multiple ways to filter web traffic its important to consult with each client and provide the high level pros and cons for each solution.

When switching between inline and WCCP sometimes the configuration gets stuck on one mode or the other.  Sometimes you think WCCP is off or on but it really isn’t.  to make 100% sure everything is working you will need to get into the expert mode.  To access the expert mode on a barracuda do the following:

Use the Expert Variables page to set DNS variables. Click Advanced ->, add &expert=1

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Enhance Business with IT services Denver


In this computer era, no business can run successfully without the interaction of IT infrastructure. IT services are playing an important role in the business. There are numerous IT companies offering the best IT services. Every firm has computer professionals to assist you in case of any IT related issue within limited time. It is advisable to choose the right IT consulting company. The best approach to find the best IT tech service is to seek online and grab the cost- effective IT solutions.

At NOYNIM, latest IT technology is offered to customers. We are highly expertise in the areas of security, backup, networking, and virtualization. Promising Denver IT services are delivered to small and mid-sized businesses. We offer full time IT support through professional staff at affordable cost.

Want to know more about NOYNIM, visit us at

At NOYNIM, latest IT technology is offered to customers. We are highly expertise in the areas of security, backup, networking, and virtualization. Promising Denver IT services are delivered to small and mid-sized businesses. We offer full time IT support through professional staff at affordable cost.

Want to know more about NOYNIM, visit us at

How to Choose an IT Services Company

Noynim provides some important point here ..

1. Total Cost of Ownership Awareness

Gone are the days when IT spend was not closely monitored (were there ever those days?) and the folks with the money are always asking technologists to do “More with Less.”  As a small or midsized business decision maker, you need your IT partner to suggest solutions that fit within your budget and are the best decision for the overall business.  That means the IT company you choose needs to have a good understanding of your business and the way you do things.  Now that having been said, the IT company should also have market awareness enough to suggest new and innovative ideas so you as the business owner or decision maker can know all of your options.  Bottom line:  If your IT vendor does not have TCO awareness for YOUR business, they will not make appropriate recommendations for the growth of your company.  That means you as the business driver need to be having proactive discussions with your IT people on a regular and on-going basis.  Give these meetings priority and let the IT company know that you value their suggestions, even if you do not always go the direction that they recommend.  Keep the ideas flowing however, and your business will be able to change with the times much easier.  One day you will be discussing a problem you are trying to overcome, and you will remember the quarterly meeting you had with the IT team – “What if we use XYZ technology to overcome this issue?”  You will be a better business decision maker because you are informed, and your IT company will have a better sense of your business if everyone has a good awareness of the Total Cost of Ownership for technology.

2. Secure BYOD Support

It is not news that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a current trend in the business world, because who wants to carry two cell phones?!  You as the business decision maker need to have the best of both worlds:  Secure control of your data that can be accessed easily from the user’s preferred device.  Sounds simple, right?  It is not, and that is why you need to make sure the IT group you choose to work with is conversant with how to set up your users in such a way that your information is safe, and they as users don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to access information they need to get their jobs done.  Note well, if your data is not set up in a way where your people can easily access it through proper channels, they will figure out a way to get to the information easier and much less secure.  If your requirement is field sales needs access your CRM from the office only, rest assured they are printing contact records and carrying them around in an unsecured way right now.  Or they have saved their contacts into their own mobile device, and if they ever walk across the street to your competitor, there goes your contact data with them.  All because you didn’t make it easy and secure to get to your business information on the employee’s chosen device.

3. Cultural Match

The last topic for our series on choosing the right IT company comes down to you and your company, and making sure that the IT group you choose is a cultural fit.  The most frustrating thing in the business to IT company scenario is when this part of the equation is a mismatch.  Imagine repeatedly telling the IT team that you need something, and never getting a clear indication from them that they (a) understand what you are asking, or (b) they are even working on a solution!  We all communicate in different ways, and there are certainly different personality styles.  But a cultural non-fit is a deal breaker, period.  It will lead to frustration and ultimately a blow up at the worst possible time.  Take heed early in the relationship to see if the IT team you choose to work with listens more than they talk.  If that is not the case, you need to seriously evaluate if you have the right fit between your company and the IT company you have in place right now.

We at NOYNIM hope you have enjoyed this series of articles on choosing the right IT company for your needs!  If you think the group you are working with now may not be the right one for where your business is going, please contact us.  We have an initial engagement which we provide free of charge – and it is not just a glorified sales call.  We have a technical staff member perform our Network and Security Assessment in your environment to show you where your exposure is now.  We then schedule a time to go over the assessment and provide our recommendations.  Give us a call, we would like to meet with you and see if our two organizations are a fit!

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